PHGasrilex 3 Package – Helps Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Each package of Density contains 60 enteric capsules, each capsule has
200 mg of amorphous calcium carbonate. pHGasrilex – Helps treat
inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) – Crohn's and Colitis by balancing
acidity pHGasrilex It is an innovative development of amorphous
calcium carbonate.


Daily dose: To deal with active inflammation in an adult 1600 mg per day
in the first month: 8 capsules a day – 3 in the morning, 2 in the
.* afternoon, 3 in the evening
After a month and after the relief of symptoms and improvement in the
inflammation indices in the blood tests, 6 capsules should be taken per
day for another month. Then 4 capsules per day
.According to customer testimonials *
Storage: Store the product in a cool, dry, and shady place. Do not store it .in the refrigerator
.Do not leave in a closed vehicle or the sun
?How does the product work
PH (anti-inflammatory) regulation of bicarbonate plays an important role
in regulating the pH levels in the body. The deficiency of this molecule
leads to an acidic state in the cells. Cell acidosis results from various
clinical and inflammatory conditions. In the unique process of
amorphous calcium absorption, additional bicarbonate molecules are
formed in the cells, which help to counteract the acidity and regulate the .pH
Reduces Chronic Pain. Chronic pain can result from a condition of
chronic inflammation, as occurs in IBD. Due to the contradiction of
acidity in the amorphous calcium absorption process, there is a decrease
in the inflammatory process and thus also relief in the accompanying .chronic pain
Suspended release in the intestines The active ingredient in Gastrilax is a
registered patent. The enteric capsule does not break down in the
stomach but only when it reaches the intestine which is the inflamed
area. Delayed-release in the intestines allows, both reaching the focus of .inflammation and increased absorption of minerals
Improved absorption – absorbed 2-4.6 times more than any crystalline .calcium according to a clinical trial conducted in Ichlov Hospital in israel
Innovative technology – the unique structure – amorphous and
nanometric allows efficient access to the target organ, higher .bioavailability, and 120 times more solubility than any other calciumLots of bicarbonate – Bicarbonate is a natural product in the human body
that regulates the acidity in the body. In the unique process of
amorphous calcium absorption, carbonate absorbs hydrogen ions and
significantly raises the level of bicarbonate in the cells. In this way, the .acidic environment is neutralized
Amorphical supplements are not a medicine and are not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. In any case of a medical .problem, the attending physician should be consulted
Side effects: With the arrival of the active substance in the intestine, a
reaction is formed between the carbonate and the inflammatory
environment, and CO₂ gas and water are released. This process causes
the phenomenon of bloating and pressure in the intestine. The process
is positive, it treats the inflammatory environment. After about two
weeks, the patient will feel significant relie


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